What We Treat

WHAT CAN WE TREAT? Sports injuries, neck and back pain, Vertigo (BPPV) post-surgical conditions, work related injuries, MVA related injuries, soft tissue injuries, most aches and pains including arthritis. Many headaches and most growing pains have an underlying musculoskeletal cause and can be simply sorted out without the need for medication using physiotherapy. We use hands on treatments including spinal manipulation, stretches and soft tissue techniques. Where possible we will show you exercises to either fix the problem yourself, or minimise the risk of recurrence/re-injury. We also offer hydrotherapy, gym based exercise programs, women's health and incontinence programs, remedial massage and casting and splinting.

REFERRAL from a medical practitioner is not essential to obtain physiotherapy. Physiotherapists commonly work in conjunction with your doctor, specialists, podiatrist, etc but are trained to perform first-contact assessment of conditions and determine their suitability for therapy. If you have not come from your doctor, we do like to know your medical history, particularly any treatment you have already been given for your problem.