Sports Injuries

We are able to fast-track an athlete’s rehabilitation and ensure a successful return to sport because of our high level of theoretical knowledge and extensive experience in treating sports injuries.

At Prime Physiotherapy all of the principal physiotherapists have been awarded the title of “Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist”, with one principal also being awarded the specific title of “Sports Physiotherapist” by the Australian Physiotherapy Association, which recognises a high level of theoretical knowledge and practical skill in treating soft tissue and spine related injuries. In addition, all of our staff regularly engages in continuing education to keep up to date with the latest developments in our field.

It has been our privilege to manage the rehabilitation of many high level athletes. Through the experience gained by providing many years of match day sports physiotherapy coverage and managing the rehabilitation of injured athletes throughout each phase of their rehabilitation until they return sport, we are able to recognise injuries that present at any stage of the recovery process, apply best-practice rehabilitation and provide a reliable return-to-sport date.

Our sports physiotherapy experience includes:

  • More than 10 years of club physiotherapists for Western Suburbs District Rugby League Club, including all representative levels, from (first grade) ARL (for Wests Magpies), to State Cup and the junior representative sides in the Harold Matthews Cup and SG Ball.
  • Soccer/Football including club physiotherapists for a National Soccer League team
  • Sprint, Middle and long distance running including World Championships and Olympic Athletes
  • Triathlon
  • Hockey including Hockeyroos players and NSW Under 15s training squad
  • Netball
  • Australian Rules Football
  • Swimming including Australian Swimming Championships
  • World Police and Fire Games
  • World Masters Games

We have delivered many sports injuries seminars to various sports clubs on behalf of the Australian Sports Medicine Federation/Sports Medicine Australia.

Running injury clinic

At our Moorebank practice we can perform a video analysis of your running technique, using the Dartfish motion analysis software. This allows us to provide accurate advice on aspects of your running technique that may either be predisposing you to overuse injuries, or impeding your performance. To learn more about our running analysis watch this video

The results of the technique analysis are combined with an assessment of your strength and flexibility to formulate a customised programme of stretching, strengthening and technique drills to help you improve your running technique.

Remember the best immediate self-management of an acute sports injury is to Rest and Ice the affected area, and if swelling is present, Compress and Elevate (RICE). Find more information on your injury by searching under the relevant body area here.

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