For Referrers

Helping Doctors Manage Their Patients:

Helping Doctors Manage Their Patients:

Take a look at the What We Treat section of the website to see if we can help you better manage your patients.


Prime Physiotherapy accepts referrals from all doctors, both GPs and specialists.

You can provide a referral on your stationary, or use our pads.

Please call if you need the patient seen urgently.

To request referral pads, email:


Prime Physiotherapy accepts referrals under the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC), or Chronic Disease Management (CDM) scheme. All patients are bulk-billed.


Prime Physiotherapy treats workers under the WorkCover scheme. We welcome referrals of patients covered by this scheme.

Timely communication by letter or email will help you complete the Certificate of Capacity. We can provide objective measures for lifting capacity, as measured through structured testing. Other information regarding functional capacity can also be provided, making your job easier and form completion less onerous.

Veterans Affairs:

We welcome referral of patients whose physiotherapy treatment is covered by the repatriation benefits scheme.


We guarantee that written evaluation and progress reports will be provided for all referred patients. This can be through letters sent or faxed, as well as by email if you prefer.

Effective and timely communication between referring doctors and physiotherapists enables a better standard of patient care and superior treatment outcomes for your patients.