For Employers

Physio for Injured Workers:

Physiotherapy can be an effective treatment for work-related injuries.

Prime Physiotherapy has provided treatment to injured workers for over 30 years. We know what works and how to provide it in the most cost-effective manner.

Treatment can be provided under the WorkCover scheme for entitled workers.

Early Intervention:

Most workplace injuries are musculoskeletal soft tissue injuries, or sprains and strains. A smaller number involve more serious traumatic, orthopaedic spinal and neurological (nerve) injuries.

In the right hands, these soft tissue injuries, when treated very early, literally from day 1, will resolve quickly. The risk of recurrence or ongoing problems is reduced with early intervention.

Delaying treatment of strains and sprains may lead to chronic, recurrent problems that can cost employers in lost-time injuries down the track. Inadequate, or an incorrect treatment approach, may also delay recovery. Poor physiotherapy management can foster the development or entrenchment of psycho-social adaptations (“Yellow Flags”) that will lengthen claims.

Prime Physiotherapy believes in immediate treatment of injuries. Proper evaluation by experienced and better qualified physiotherapists at Prime will identify problems earlier on that may lead to lengthier claims if poorly managed. Prime physiotherapists will reassure and support patients so that these problems don’t arise and yellow flags do not develop.

Better Treatment:

All Prime Physiotherapy practice principals and some of our staff, have post-graduate qualifications in specialised areas of physiotherapy. The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) bestows “Titled Physiotherapist” on practitioners who have a recognised post-graduate qualification in these areas, such as Musculoskeletal and Sports physiotherapy.

When treated by Prime Physiotherapy, your injured employees will be managed by either a Titled physiotherapist, or by a practitioner working under the supervision of a Musculoskeletal or Sports physiotherapist. This provides a very high standard of physiotherapy care that should provide for better treatment outcomes and a quicker resolution of the claim.


All injured workers treated by Prime Physiotherapy are provided with self-management strategies and programmes from the very first visit. This may be a written, illustrated and explicit exercise programme. It could also include advice regarding duty and work practice modification.

Self-management strategies are an important element of injury management. Injured workers who comply with these programmes are more likely to overcome their injury and return to pre-injury duties sooner.

Prime Physiotherapy encourages injured workers in their care to be responsible for their self-management programme. These programmes are modified and upgraded as required to ensure that the outcome is optimal.


Prime Physiotherapy takes communication with treating doctors, employers and insurers very seriously. An initial assessment and treatment plan can be provided within 24 hours by fax or email.

Progress reports are also provided, usually coinciding with a scheduled medical review.

Details of relevant work capacities can be objectively provided.


It is usually the case that the treating doctor refers injured workers to the physiotherapist of their choice, or that of the worker themselves. Under the NSW WorkCover scheme, it is the right of the worker to choose their physiotherapist.

However, it is quite acceptable for an employer to encourage the worker to attend a physiotherapy practice that they have confidence in. Prime Physiotherapy can provide a level of care and a standard of communication that should instil confidence in both the worker and their employer.

Screening and Capacity Testing Services:

Prime Physiotherapy can provide a variety of screening services for employers. These can be to screen prospective employees, test the work capacity of either current or prospective employees, or to provide periodic screening of the existing workforce. These services include:

1. Pre-Employment Musculoskeletal Screening (PEMS)

2. Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

3. Pre/Periodic/Post – Employment Functional Analysis (PEFA)